10 Stars

Where to begin!!?!? As a bride planning a destination wedding in a city I’d only ever spent maybe 12hrs in, I knew finding a coordinator was going to be key. I needed someone who knew the lay of the land and was going to make me feel like I was right at home. I knew that the day of my wedding I didn’t want to be in control of anything and I did not want to have a care in the world....I only wanted to focus on enjoying my day, marrying my love, and celebrating with friends and family! Might I add I might be a “recovering” control freak! I’m still working on it ok! LOL!

Photography by Dustin Lewis Images

I would have never know that a 3rd party recommendation would bring Liz into our lives, changing them forever! Thank you Liz for making our day magical and absolutely PERFECT! Travis and I could not have done it without you. You are not just some “month of” or “day of” coordinator.....you are a kind, caring, intelligent, calming, thoughtful, woman who is darn good at her job. You not only made our day amazing you became a wonderful friend in the process and I cannot imagine having anyone else walking this journey with us. You blessed us with your professionalism, wisdom, calming spirit, and love each step of the way. You were always a few steps ahead of us and kept us on track, on schedule, and brought our vision to life. Anyone reading this.....if you want someone who cares about your wedding and event as much as you do or more, then Liz is the way to go. She gives 1000% on every aspect and detail and works hard to ensure you do not have to. I did not worry about one thing the day of my wedding. It was raining but Liz even made sure that went away right in time for our amazing beach ceremony! She even brought the sun out with a rainbow just for good measure. God bless you Liz for all that you do for your clients, and everyone who is graced with your presence. We are thankful for you and love you dearly!!! Our coordinator became our friend.....it doesn’t get better than that! #GetCrump can’t wait to come back to VA Beach to plan our next event with you!!!

- Mrs. C

From planning to the day of coordinating to emotional support, Liz is TOP NOTCH, and I’d give her more than 5 stars if I could! She is thorough in her details, kind, and truly keeps your needs and wants first and foremost while also giving her honest opinion when you ask for it. My husband and I were never wedding people but we decided to have the big celebration we never had when we wed two years ago by renewing our vows. I had a simple rustic vision in mind but knew nothing about this crazy bridal industry. Liz recommended the most amazing vendors suited to our tastes and had plenty of ideas to throw my way, was available frequently in person and always via phone, and was so enthusiastic! The day of, she went as far as to drop in on me while I was getting ready to bring me a tube of cream for a stress rash, and it’s that level of care that really stuck with me. If anything went wrong during the vow renewal celebration, I honestly would not have known it because of how on the ball Liz and her assistant was behind the scenes. If you need a planner or coordinator for a wedding or any event, Liz is worth every penny!

- Mrs. C

"Liz walked with us every step of the way and acted as a liaison between us and our vendors! With Colleen and I both finishing school whole trying to plan a wedding, Liz was our saving grace! She has an absolute heart of gold and is the BEST at what she does if you or someone you know just got engaged I could not give a higher recommendation for someone to help you with your special day! I feel so lucky that Liz was part of mine!! (P.s. she travels! So no matter where you are Liz is your girl!)"

- Mrs. R

"5 stars

Liz was an absolute life saver! Our wedding went on perfectly thanks to her as our wedding coordinator. She was so well organized from the moment we went over final details a month out to the week before helping make sure I had all my ducks in a row. The week leading up to our wedding she managed to eliminate all of my stress as I put my trust in her to follow through and deliver and man did she exceed my expectations. Our rehersal was well organized and our wedding day went right on schedule with our timeline. She always managed to check in on me through the night, both during the ceremony and reception. Liz also did an amazing job delivering our vision for our reception when it came to our decorations. If you are looking for a wedding coordinators that will put your needs first and ensure your day goes as smoothly as mine did, Liz at Golden Luxe Events is your girl!!!!"

- Mrs. M

Photographer by Meredith Zadd

"I don't even know where to start with Liz and Golden Luxe Events! Liz Le is one of the most organized, assertive, creative, and poised individuals I have ever met. She was the wedding planner and day of coordinator for my wedding. Liz made the wedding planning process an absolute breeze. While we were busy with friends and family celebrating our engagement season, Liz was hammering down every little detail for our beautiful day. If you are looking for a professional, friendly, and loving Wedding planner look no further. Liz has the Gumption and drive to make your wedding or event exceed your vision in every way. You will not find someone with more knowledge or connection in the wedding and events industry in Hampton Roads. I cannot recommend Golden Luxe Events enough."

- Mrs. J

"Liz Le was amazing as the wedding planner for my son's wedding. She is smart, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and talented. You cannot go wrong using her for one of your events!"

- Mama J

"Liz was the best wedding coordinator I could have asked for. She not only helped me plan every detail but made sure I knew exactly what needed to be figured out and when. Liz constantly reassured my mom and I in times of stress and was upbeat and available to answer each question! She even took the presents to my hotel room during the rehearsal dinner and put together the seating chart that I thought I was going to somehow have time to do myself that night. My wedding day was perfect… my only job was to sit back and relax while my mom and Liz made sure all of the pieces to the puzzle were set in place. I had zero stress and knew that everything would be taken care of – flowers, DJ, photographer, my huge wedding party, my parents, etc. Among many other logistics, Liz made sure that every groomsman did their “job”, that only specific people were allowed to come into the bride’s area where I was waiting, and that everyone was sitting in the right seats during the ceremony. Somehow in the midst of all of this coordinating she found the time to come to the bride’s room and be a source of calm and joy for me while asking if there was anything I needed. Liz had an eye on me the entire night and I knew that if I wanted to deviate from the timeline or have a specific song played or eat a few more mac and cheese bites, it would happen right away. Liz truly was the glue that held our wonderful day together and I couldn’t be more grateful. 6 stars!"

- Mrs. Y

"I was so blessed to have liz as my wedding planner. I don’t think I could have planned my wedding without her. She has this way of being professional and real with you as well as becoming your best friend in the process. She literally laid out every detail in front of me and made sure all my wishes were met but also wasn’t afraid to tell me if something was too much or too little. What could have been a chaotic day turned into the most beautiful day of my life.

My fairytale day wouldn’t have happened without this perfect lady."

- Mrs. H

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